1Choose your new email address


2Enter your phone details

Full number including area code.
Example: (902) 123-4567

3Start using your new email address

Any emails sent to your new email address will be received on your phone as a text message.
Note that standard text message rates may apply.

What is MailBliss?

MailBliss is a free email service that allows you to get an email address for your phone. Any emails sent to your new mailbliss email address will be forwarded to your phone as a text message.

Why do I need a MailBliss email?

  • MailBliss messages are sent to your phone as SMS text messages. Therefore, a MailBliss email address will allow you to receive emails as text messages without the need for a data plan.
  • If you want to communicate via text messaging but don't want to share your phone number, a MailBliss account will allow you receive text messages while keeping your phone number hidden.
  • The standard SMS email format that is available from your carrier is often hard to remember, while a MailBliss email address is much easier.

Manage your phone's email address